© Copyright Cyberdyn Systems, Inc. 2011
© Copyright Cyberdyn Systems, Inc. 2011

Cyberdyn Systems was born out of necessity. Dissatisfied with the quality & pricing of the relay brands available at the time, the engineers at Cyberdyn went on a quest to produce a high quality, inexpensive relay to fit the needs of the industry. Our designers selected the best components from various relay models and came up with MODEL HJQ-22F.

The next step was to identify a supplier who could produce a high-quality relay at a lower price. Cyberdyn paired-up with a high-tech Chinese manufacturing facility, as many other companies have done - such as P&B. Cyberdyn has been in operation for over ten years and we have a strong relationship with our factory. In that period of time, we have gained an outstanding reputation for excellence. Cyberdyn is proud to announce that we have major OEMs that have standing orders within our company - and the orders are increasing. Our factory has no problem handling large volume orders and their quality is first-class.

The bottom line:
Quality will never suffer despite the great price!